Silent dead of SanDisks USB-Removable Disks

According to a phone chat with a technical support employee, Sandisk is not producing any USB-Sticks as  Removable Disks anymore.

That said USB-Disks are only Local Disks in future.  No chance to change this via device manager anymore.

Reason is allegedly a requirement of Windows 8, the bootable disk. 

Why the option to change is gone is  beyond my grasp.

Time to say good-bye!

Wow!!  Thanks for the update SanDisco.

That’s if you can believe what the support employee told you. I’ve seen countless examples of them being wrong before.

I hardly ever believe experts, experts are the direct way to hell. 

But I thought this forum is a SanDisk monitored forum.  Are there no technic moderators here to clear up the issue?

I still can’t see any article from this about being as a local drive. Anyone?

See if this link helps SanDisco :