Why does the time reset every time I use the player?

Every time I turn on the player the time is all messed up! I go reset it to the correct time and then next time I go to use it, its messed up again! Is there any way to fix this? 

Specs: Sansa e260 v2

There is a little capacitor that holds the time and settings when the player is turned off, similar to your computer. Whenever you fire it up, the correct time is displayed.

Although this capacitor looks like a small button or watch battery, it is soldered to the main circuit board and as far as I know, cannot be replaced easily, if at all.


The thing in the center left labeled battery.  Take it out and replace it.  

The button cell is designed to maintain status when the battery module is removed, as in swapping the module.  If you have a DVOM handy, you can check if the “battery” button cell has a charge.  It’s an ultracapacitor, actually.

I have seen the RTC fail if the ULP oscillator dies (ultra low power mode). The ULP oscillator (32kHz) is the little rectangular device next to the CPU; the simplest source is to cannibalize a dead e200 or Clip.  This involves some careful desoldering, as its a SMT device.

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