Why does my 8gb Sansa Fuze only have 7.3 gb available?

I’ve had my Sansa Fuze for a couple of months now, and I just noticed that there are only 7.3 total GB of memory available of the advertised 8 gb, and I’ve already used up .61 GB. What gives? Please bear with me, I’ve been having a very unpleasant experience with this player recently, and I’m very tempted to smash the blasted thing right now.

'Cause that’s all 'yer gonna get, and there ain’t no more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, that’s a cause of confusion for many. The short answer is, computer math does not add up the same as ‘marketing’ math. In other words, what is sold as 8GB isn’t really 8 total gigabytes.

Here’s another discussion on the subject with some explaining the techno details much better than I can.

Using the FAT filesystem requires that you also (as well as your files and folders) keep a small table which tells the fuze where the files are, and what they are called. This table makes it much faster to locate a file on a disk. Unfortunately, the larger the disk, the larger the area reserved for the table.


Oh, ok then I guess… :cry:

Is the amount of memory available on mine normal for an 8 GB Fuze, or is mine especially low?

What “very unpleasant experience” are you having with your fuze? 

@rbanks92 wrote:

Oh, ok then I guess… :cry:


Is the amount of memory available on mine normal for an 8 GB Fuze, or is mine especially low?

Sounds right to me.

same ammount available on mine as well. a marketing GB (1000MB) doesn’t equal a computer GB (1024MB).

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My 4gb card has 3.76 gb.

My 160 gb netbook has 140gb (I  know … 20gb ).

But that’s what happens.

Ah, I understand now. Thanks for the help, everyone. :smiley: 

@mags1230: The factory headphones stopped playing in one ear, and I’ve had to replace them. First with an HP pair, which broke later. Stupidly, I replaced those with a pair of iPod headphones with a volume control on the cord. The volume on the earbuds is of course not compatible with my Fuze, so they’re quieter than they should be. Which means I have to run it up louder, which wastes my battery. That’s my biggest irritant. I’ve also had issues with freezing, whitescreen, it blasting in my ear when I adjust the volume at the end of a song, and a stiff click wheel, (not saying that those are all the player’s fault, entirely) but I’ve fixed those problems for the most part now, or learned how to get around them.

Make sure you have the newest firmware as there were bug fixes regarding volume.

Buy new headphones?