Big problem with space


 I have a problem with my Sansa. I had to format it. It is 2GB.

Let 1.87Go formatted fat32.

But I do not know for what reason he 1.68Go myself out while there is no data ?

Where are my 200MB ? (On the computer).

On the Sansa:

Memory: 1925MB
Available: 1730MB

Thank you pour votre aide.

The firmware is spent 01.02.31A

well there are a few different factors here but some of the space is used for firmware the other is used for formatting and other functions. all storage devices are the same you can look at the harddrive of your computer to verify. if you have 120GB harddrive you will ahve around 111GB of usable space. here is a knowledge base article that explains the issue as well.  

The new firmware would be 195MB !?! No I do not think my god ! :smileyvery-happy:

I’d like to know if it’s true.

How can I download the previous version of firmware ? I’ll check.

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it is not only firmware if you read my entire post. some functions are used for formatting and other functions. also there is a difference between storage and OS definition of a GB. read the KB article i linked and it explains it. 

Ok, let’s. But when I bought it, I do not lack 195Mo !

In addition, if the hidden partition to resize each new FirmWare, where do I put my mp3 after !

I lacked not those 195MB before! My Fuze is only 2GB ! :cry:

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