why did you mess up the sansa fuze???

i agree with BeirutBomber

Its just one of those things that go with out saying…

I never used a Sansa player before this one, my 2 previous players were Creative ZEN’s

and my last ZEN absolutely rocked waaaaaay better than this Fuze+

The fact that it had REAL BUTTONS was a MAJOR improvement

over a sketchy touchpad concept, BUT its my fault for buying this thing…

I knew **bleep** well it had a small touchpad when i bought it so, what do you expect ?

All i know is if one of my local stores had a Creative ZEN in stock i would have RE bought the old one i had again

And i sure as hell wouldn’t have “kept” any fruit related products lol

The last ipod i bought was a fast bolt back to the store to demand my money back

for that retarded garbage !

Flac support is a very rare thing (atleast when i bought mine)

so that pretty much clinched the deal for me

It’s simple, even after the latest firmware update, IT SUCKS, waste of money. Thanks

Yeah, I felt the need to register as well so I could *bump* the complaint about this lousy mp3 player.  Worse for my experience, I got bait-and-switched.  Whereas the product packaging in the store assured me that the fuze+ would work fine with Linux, updating firmware appears to be impossible without using some POS Windows machine – so I’m stuck with the original crap functionality that the so-called engineers burned into the thing.


If you mount the Fuze+, all you need do is transfer the firmware.sb file to root on the device.  The file is available in “zipped” form. Upon disconnect, the machine swaps the new firmware file into use automatically.

I haven’t worked with extraction utilities in linux, but once unzipped / decompessed, firmware upgrade is as simple as transferring a music file to the device. 

Go to Settings > Info on the Fuze+ and check your installed firmware version.  The current build is 02.38.06.  In this build, the locking method is redirected to the power button, and FLAC works smoother.  Let me know what issues you may have with grabbing a firmware image, no Windows machine required.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

Agreed, I’m not a fan of the touch pad thing.  It is too sensitive and with an mp3 player, most people are using it while doing something (riding a bike, running, working out, etc) and having buttons that you can feel and physically have to push in before they respond makes it so much easier.  With the touch pad, you have to actually look at the stupid thing to make sure that you are pushing the button you want and you have to be really careful not to accidently bumb a button you didn’t want to push.  I hated it at first and now that I am used to it, I’m not a big fan.

However, this player does NOT suck.  It actually works quite well.  The load times suck, but can be lived with.  The way you select music to be played needs a major overhaul, but it is a decent player none the less.

One option that would be really nice would be the option to have the display as landscape so that the entire information can me displayed instead of the stupid scrolling display.

Agree, just got it and it sucks to high heaven.  Updated the firmware and it doesn’t restart where podcasts left off always starts with music.  This whole design should be shelved and everyone involved should be fired for ruining a perfectly good product. I  refuse to purchase Apple products what is next.  This is my fourth Fuze is it is not like I didn’t like the product.  Can’t physcially be used while running as it is too difficult to navigate.

Rectangle shape.

@rampagingshark wrote:

So i literally registered and came on here just so i can fully complain about the new Sansa Fuze Plus. It is literally that bad. I used to own the previous sansa fuze with the scroll wheel and the small size. So it breaks accidentally I go to get a new one and i see this new “iphone” looking contraption with touch front. First off, the sensors on the front arrows are so incredablly sensitive that whenever it bumps my hand the songs stops, changes or something irritating. then the sansa takes fforever to turn on or to switch screens because of the amount of new design in it its not strong enough to change as quickly as the previous. on top of that scrolling is a bitch. I would scroll up or down and accidentally slightly touch the side and the entire screen changes, then when i go back it resets back to the top of my artist list and i am in a bad mood. The charger is different and the size is different so i cannot use any of my previous sansa equiptment. LAME. Another irritating quality is the fact the LOCK feature isnt a switch on the side but you hold down the touch pad. WTF? to unlock you slide up. so when its locked and in my hand and my hand happens to “slide up” it unlocks and the song changes in the middle cus it hit my palm. i have never been so irritated with an mp3 player ever except this one SUCKS. Please go back to the original sansa fuze when it was actually handy. thanks.

Meh, don’t throw your player away. ROCKBOX that b*tch :wink:

Yea i have also the Sansa Fuze Plus cause my Sansa Fuze broke. I dont like that model its not good for scrolling at all! I sometimes get  so irritated by the new model that I started hitting the screen of the mp4 and then it worked wonderfully and scrolled faster! the Mp4 once fall  and the screen broke(i didnt mean to brake it!)

but to be honest…i feel a relief now!

@j_locklear wrote:

Meh, don’t throw your player away. ROCKBOX that b*tch :wink:

Even Rockbox can’t save it…

I cannot believe Sansa went from a pretty great Sansa Fuse design (which I had 2), and LOVED them, to the Sansa Clip and Clip+.

I got both of them and returned them both. The interface is terrible, the volume is poor, the interface is terrible,

(did I say that already?)

Sansa took a giant step backwards when they got away from what the older Fuze did, and getting a NEW Sansa Fuse today is very hard and VERY Expensive. People who know what the old Fuze really is, knows in today’s MP3 world, it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD.

I used to have my friends with Ipods want to try my Fuze and I had to run them down to get it back.

There’s refurbed Fuzes, but I have had poor quality used ones purchased, that were on their last leg.

I’m looking for a new Brand (not an IPOD).


As I type this, I am actually listening to my Sansa Fuze+.

I think everyone who hates the new Fuze+ need to take a step back, and realize that complaining will most likely not change anything.

I really like my Fuze+. It works very well, and I have had no issues. Yes, I will admit that the new interface for the scroll wheel took a little bit of getting used to but once you use it for a few weeks, you’re good to go.

If you don’t like Sansa anymore, go buy an iPod. Simple as that.