Sansa Fuze+ worst MP3 player ever!

I have been trying to work with this piece of ■■■■ for about 2 months now and have decided to smash it with a rock and return it to you.  It is so frustrating trying to navigate with that squirrely display I can barely restrain myself from throwing it against a wall!!!

You had a great product in the Fuze, I personally purchased 7 of them for myself and for gifts, everyone was very happy with their Fuze.  If you were smart you would bring it back, selling an easy to use reliable product has got to make more money for you than all the customers you are going to lose selling this worthless alleged  player. 

I am going out this weekend and buying a different brand of player.  If you don’t smarten up and bring back the reliable old Fuze you have definetely lost me and the rest of my family as customers.

Please send me your address so I can return this Thing (I can’t call it a player since it doesn’t do that very well)  after I smash it to bits.  Smashing it will be the only pleasure I will have gotten from this Thing.  I am not only unhappy about the $90 I wasted, I am also upset by all the time and energy I have lost because you released a product that doesn’t really work.