White Screen

I have a Sansa Sandisk. The screen just turned white on me today. I can’t turn it off either. Even when I turn the dial, there are no stopping bumps. I thought of taking the battery out and putting it back in but I don’t see how to take it out.

Hmm.  I held the on/off button a REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY long time and it finally turned off.  It was fine when I turned it back on.  This all happened when I was trying to upload a video that I made myself.  It didn’t want to accept it and then it went white.  Lifeless.  Well, I’m not going to stop uploading.  I’ll try it again.  I might be back.  :cry:

That’s called a reset. Whenever the player seems to freeze up, alwyas try that first before panicing. 20 - 30 seconds should do the trick. :wink: