Which Clip for me and kids?

Which is (was) the best Clip for us -
We are going travelling, I don’t want the kids to have iPods so we need:
Music, audible books, long battery, quick charging.
It would be great (but not necessary) to have Bluetooth for headphones, but we only have one set, so this is low priority.

Oh and we aren’t taking computers with us, so need to fit enough music, audible tapes etc

And last thing, we have both Mac and PC, which is easiest way to get music on to the Sansa? We use Spotify at home, so that doesn’t help! C

Just write music on flash memory and plug it into some device which you chose.

thank you. Anyone with any advice on which to choose? It seems some of the older Clips are better than the newer ones? 

Maybe take a look at the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. Currently on sale for $35.00 . You can load it with your own digital music files via computer file manager (PC) and Android Manager (Mac). You can use Amazon apps to download and automatically organize Podcasts and Audio Books.   During a long car ride, you can connect it to WiFi via a cell phone HotSpot.

And, you could insert a 16 gb or 32 gb or 64 gb micro SD card for even more storage of music (& some videos).

     The Amazon App Store has some useful apps for playing your music files via Folder Play.mode. Then you do not need to worry about curating ID3 tags.  AND, you can use Spotify on this tablet.

Thank you, we have actually just bought a Fire to take instead of our smart phones, so great minds think alike! However I don’t want the children to have any screen time at all - not even making playlists, editing photos etc, and that is why I wanted them to have MP3 players rather than smart phones or tablets. Still wondering if anyone thinks one of the Sandisk players is better than the others - think I am going for the Clip Sport if no one has an opinion!

I have one Clip Jam and a few Clip Sports (2014 version). All the Clip Sports (old and newer) have bigger buttons, longer battery life, the 1 inch square screen displays embedded clip art AND way better included ear buds.

The easiest way to get started with the SanDisk players is to use FOLDER MODE. This mode does not require any curation of data in the ID3 tags. Just create appropriate subfolders and use sub folder names and File names that will properly sort (and display) the desired information within the first 16 characters.

One caution with FOLDER MODE.  The player operating system does not have any built-in sorting capability.  The player will display Folders, SubFolders and Filenames in chronological order of addition to the player (per file management session).

I am not convinced these players are kid-friendly. They will need some assistance with file managment. Podcasts and Books are especially challenging. The Fire Tablets are easier to use, especially with decent podcast and audio book apps to do the heavy lifting.

Thankyou - they literally only need music, nothing else, no podcasts or video, or books.

It is this or an iPod Shuffle.