Which 32GB MicroSDHC Cards have Wear Leveling Features?

I’m researching microSDHC cards for use with a Raspberry Pi device. I would like to purchase one with wear leveling. Which of your microSDHC cards have wear leveling features? I would like to purchase a 32GB but will also consider a 16GB if the 32GB line doesn’t have the feature.



the wear leveling feature is supported by all the flash memory devices, so all cards, flash drives and ssds support this feature. in that case you can just buy a product for your needs to use it with your raspberry pi.

if you need a specialized product for your needs i would recommend not to use a retail product.

Is there any reason why it’s not listed as a feature on Sandisk product spec pages?


this question i cannot answer because its something that Sandisk decides to publish or not. in that case i would recommend to contact them directly to ask this question and maybe they can forward this information to the corerct department to take care of it.

i hope we will see more detailed information get published on the site.