Where to buy Original sanDisk SD Cards

I have to buy a SanDisk Ultra/Extreme 32 GB SD Card (class 10 or U1).

I am from Ghaziabad .

Where could I buy geneune SanDisk SD Card.

I searched for online markets. But found fake card with the same name on most of the sites. Thats why I am afraid of purchasing fraud cards.

Please help me…

This is a listing of dealers in your part of the world. There are several in Ghaziabad:


Thankx @SanDisk Guru, 

Today I visited a shop in Noida Sec-18 (Atta) market. I searched in 3-4 shops there. Allwhere I found duplicate SD Cards. None of them were listed on the official ScanDisk website. Also got to know some more brands which were unknown to me.

So, I get back with hope of talking to Someone Expert (probable SanDisk Customer Service) before getting one.

This list has listed some shop near to me. I’ll search in them tomorrow.

Thanx Again…