Authorised seller?


I have seen a website that sells Sandisk cards locally (Melbourne, Australia) at some decent prices, but I am concerned with the authenticity of the sites claims.

The item i found is:

That is a pretty good price, about $10-$20 cheaper than other sites that ship in the area, but it doesn’t come up in the Authorised resellers list.

I asked them in their online support chat, here is part of the conversation I had.

Me: Are these items legitimate/authentic SanDisk products? The price looks good, but your site isnt listed as an Authorised Reseller for sandisk products

Crazysales: do not worry, we can assure that our items are legitimate/authentic SanDisk products. 

Crazysales: as we are the Authorised Reseller for sandisk products. 

So are there authorised resellers that aren't listed on the sandisk website? Is there any way of verifying if these items are legitimate without spending the money on them first?


sounds fishy. if they were an autherized reseller they would be in the list. 

There are lots of scam about selling dublicate flash drive sellers all over internet. Any ways this ain’t a big deal,

SanDisk 16GB MicroSDHC Card Class 4 cards are always avilable on direct direct bargains and sale. I prefer you to buy this card only form the authorized store.