What's up with the prices of the old Sansa Fuze MP3 players now?

I love nostalgia but I hate the price nostalgia can cost. I like buying old electronics I used to have back in the day. Bought a GF a Sansa Fuze back in '08 and posted questions about it here back in 08-09. (weird to read such old posts again)

Wanted to get one again and looking on ebay people are asking 75.00-150.00 for them lol…what the heck. And this is for the 4GB Fuze. You’d think this old tech would be very cheap by now but then again, anything nostalgic or retro today will cost a decent buck. #coolstorybro

Hi @vice86,

This is to inform you that you have reached to technical support of SanDisk and we do not have price related information available with us.

Please refer below link to check price related information:

Hope it helps!!