8 GB Fuze going for $87.88 with $0.97 shipping at Walmart.com

Cheapest I’ve seen it.


Message Edited by blue222 on 11-18-2008 02:39 AM

Wait until Black Friday… the 8GB is gonna go for 69.99 at RadioShack and BestBuy… and 4GB for 49.99 at most technology stores.

Wow, that is almost half off from what it’s been going for not too long ago.


Just got mine from Wally World. 5 Days from order to Doorstep. Great Buy!

No doubt, many fine deals to be had this Holiday Season. Retailers in trouble with economy, but I don’ like long lines at stores so $88. plus .97 Shipping worked for me and I am already enjoying it!

Figures…2 months ago I paid $80 for my 4gb, and it was on sale…oh well, my microcard was cheap:wink:

$1 cheaper now at buy.com:


I bought one this morning at Radio Shack for $69.99.  It was Friday day after Thanksgiving door buster.  I think I got a great deal.

November 28-30 the 8gb is $59.99 at Costco with coupon.

That is an awesome deal. It was around $130 just a few weeks ago. I have one and like it in every way, except for the battery being non-replaceable. By the time the battery wears out, though, who knows what will be available for $59.99?