New Low Pricing on Fuze=Christmas gifts! Plus: Cool speaker-bag for mp3.

Black Friday deals.

Radio Shack has the 8gb Fuze for $69 !!!    4 gb for $49

Buy dot Com has the 8gb for $73 with free shipping…about the same price.  Wally-world or others may be even beating these prices; I don’t know.  Still, that’s an amazing deal on a really great device.

Also, here’s a linky to buy dot com and a little speaker/satchel for carrying your player, cards, buds, batteries, etc.

I have one of these (another brand but exact same thing)

They are NOT hi-quality sound so no discussions of sound quality.  It plays sound, OK?  Period.

However, basically they are a cool little satchel you can carry all your mp3 jazz in when you go on the road.

Then, as a bonus, it acts as a (mono) speaker.  Takes (2) AAA batteries and lasts maybe 12 hours.

It is NOT good for a primary music source.  However, many people put music on at extremely low levels when at their desk…and for some non-critical people this could be a good use.

What I use it for is occasional on-the-road use.  I may go to the beach, and want to hear the gulls and waves and just have a little tunage going next to my head on the towel.

Sometimes I’ll show my boy or the cousins a video and plug in the speaker instead of everyone trying to share the earbuds.  Not a bad deal for $20.

Anyway, there you go.  Happy Black Friday.

Message Edited by blackdog-sansa on 11-28-2008 09:46 AM

Good of you to post these deals, thanks. 

Two things about the speakers being sold by at your link:

  1. It’s two speakers for $20 after $10 mail-in rebate.

  2. They take AA batteries, not AAA (I have the same speaker but branded differently).  Also, the specs and the second pic say AA.

I’ve found that the sound level of all the external speakers I’ve tried is proportional to the number of 1.5V batteries.  This unit puts out a lower volume than a three- or four-battery speaker.  But like blackdog-sansa points out, it’s convenient for its small size and ability to hold just about any player and accessories and close securely, and with no need to lock the player because once in the speaker, there’s minimal chance you’ll touch a button through the case.  Overall I like it.  But I’d choose a 4-battery unit for listening in noisier places, such as the shower.

More sale choices at similar prices: Best Buy also has the 8GB Fuze on sale for $70 with free shipping, but state taxable (I ordered one from them), and Newegg the 4GB for $48.