What's the current status of SanDisk 8gb microSDHC cards? Class 4 vs. Class 2...

I made the mistake of ordering the Kingston 8gig. 

Now I ordered the SanDisk 8gb Class 4 from amazon.  It shipped as a Class 2! (from eTech)

I want a replacement and am told that SanDisk no longer makes the Class 4 flavor.  Their only offering is a Class 2.  I confirmed this on their website.  No mention of a Class 4 any longer.


1.  Why would they abandon the most current/fastest 8gig card?

2.  Anyone have first-hand experience on how the Fuze functions with an 8gig class 2 card relative to _ video files _?



I have a Sandisk 8gb Class 2 card.  I have 8 full length dvd’s (5 are the looong HP ones) and 3 of the 20 minute sitcoms.  I just put it in last night, takes about 30 seconds to refresh.  Because there are few items on there, it doesn’t take very long to refresh.  Aparently from other discussions on this board, the more you have on a card the longer it takes to refresh.  So these will be perfect for movies. 

 Aside from the issue of refresh time after adding files to the card, is the performance of the card adequate for reading/playing?  In other words, do you find any glitchyness when playing the files?

Why do you think SanDisk dropped the class 4?

Depending on the movies, they were fine.  The 2 HP ones I watched, were fine.  The other one the video/audio lag was off.  Screen quality and audio quality is great.


The audio lag is a more general issue, from what I gather.

I have been led to believe from reports on this forum that the Class 4 is clearly preferred for an 8 gb card intended for video use.

Only now they have stopped distributing it so the options are limited.  We already know the Kingston Class 4 is not appropriate.

Well I’m going to return it.  It was priced as if it were a class 4. 

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Was the photo a class 4 and the discription a class 2? That’s what happened to me once…

I found the video in class 2 fine.  I put that one in for lunch to watch a short sitcom during my lunch and it’s a black and white one and it seemed fine.

Not sure why they would have dropped the class 4.  Especially since most have found a limit to the amount of music on a Fuze, a class 4 or 6 would probably be better if Sandisk isn’t going to up the amount of songs on the Fuze.  It be better for those who want the cards for music.

Maybe they figure the majority of buyers are for phones and other items and it really doesn’t matter what the class is?  And with technology going up, I’m sure other phone will be able to take larger capacity cards.

BUT for an MP3 player, we need the higher class rating.  I still would prefer a higher class rating even with just movies on it.

SanDisk is definitely a slightly weird company. This is the card manufacturer AND the device manufacturer.

I’m trying to stay with the same manufacturer and use a premium product and they do not make it easy!

 Maybe their manufacturing goofed up and shipped them all class 2 card when they were supposed to be class 4.  Maybe it’ similar to last month when they got e200 v1 players from the actual manufacturer and thought they had v2 until they started shipping them out to customers. 

What happened with the amazon thing is that the photo on the page did not have ANY class logo on it and the description listed Class 4.

I don’t know if you remember all the hoopla about SanDisk flash drives, the Cruzer series, with “U3”.  It was supposed to be this platform where you could stick your flash drive into any computer, at university or at work, and get your old familiar desktop to come up with all it’s presets and a certain amount of custom apps.  They were encouraging other software developers to write apps for it too.  Except they never told you how to get that magic desktop thing to happen…and essentially all they stuff they packaged on the device was fairly useless and just took up memory.  Most users just stripped if off and used it as a normal flash drive.

I guess I’m going to have to make a decision to try and use a class 2 card and just see what happens when it starts to get filled up with video—or look for another manufactuer…other than Kingston.


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I could be wrong, but I don’t think you’ll see any more Class 4 & 6 cards. Around the same time the 16GB card came out, they announced a new rating system for memory cards (not just Sandisk). What is now the Class 2 is what used to be called the Class 4.

2mb/sec (Class 2 as it is now rated) is the ‘minimum’ write speed of the card. It’s ‘read’ speed is 5-6mb/sec with an overall average of 4 (old rating). They are just rating the cards by the ‘minimum’ now.

Like I said, I may be interpreting this wrong. Somebody more knowledgeable is welcome (& encouraged) to correct me.

To think, the 2 months I’ve had my Fuze, I thought videos had to be on the internal memory! Granted, I don’t watch too many on it, and I don’t have any room anyways, but next time I switch up my contents I’ll have to experiment. My card is a SanDisk 8gb microsdhc that says “class 2”…works perfectly for music, except for the refresh time when I change things up:smiley:


thanks.  I’d think it would help SanDisk’s sales people to have that little blurb on their website.  Even the vendors seem to not know what’s going on.

I have to keep reminding myselft that this is not a perfect world.  :wink: