Advantages of Class 4 vs. Class 2 micro SDHC cards?

Is there any “read” advantages of the Class 4 over the Class 2?  In other words, will the Class 4 ensure more trouble-free playbacks of video than the Class 2?  Or is the speed rating pretty much just relative to moving data on or off the card when transferring files?


Imo it is not a good idea to use class 2 cards for video. The chances of issues occuring when playing video are much higher for class 2 cards than for class 4 or class 6 cards. Class 2 cards would be okay for mp3 or wma music though. Unless the price difference is huge, I suggest that you get class 4 or class 6 cards instead. Some class 4 or class 6 cards are quite inexpensive now.