What music management software do you recommend for the Sport Clip?

What music management software do you recommend for transferring files and making playlists?  I’ve already tried Media Monkey and WMP–neither seems to work.  Does anything work?

Drag and drop is working okay for now, but eventually I’m going to want something more sophisticated.

For playlists, is there any way around creating duplicate files on my PC?  I’ve spent years organizing my library and the thought of having duplicates makes my skin crawl…

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello I’m looking also for a good software to make smart playlists with my Clip Sport, hopefully someone can help me! otherwise this tiny and nice mp3 player wont be useful for me… :frowning:

I’m also wondering what the community is using too. Looks like I can use Windows Media Player to manage but I was curious if there’s another solution to manage music?

I use foobar2000, Winamp will also work. These are the two I’m familiar with, but I’m sure others will work as well.

Creating playlists is quite simple, just make sure to exactly follow this procedure: Open the Sport’s drive (either the internal memory or the microSD card) on your Windows computer, drag and drop the music files you want to add to the playlist to Foobar2000’s or Winamp’s playlist editor. Save the playlist as M3U to the root directory of the respective drive on the Sport. – The latter part is essential. If you save the playlist on your computer and copy it to the player it won’t work.

It wasn’t working when I originally started this thread, but MusicBee appears to have added support for the SportClip.  MusicBee is similar to iTunes, WMP, WinAmp, etc, but lightning fast and much less bloated.