Playlist sync problem


I have upgraded from a Clip+ to a Sport and now I am having major problems syncing playlists.
 I am using MediaMonkey (Gold version) but the same problem exists in WMP and Winamp.

The problem is this, when I sync a playlist not all of the songs appear in the playlist on the Sport. All of the songs are transferred and they all play if I select them manually either by artist or album. While using the card with the Clip+ there are no issues with the sync and all the files appear in the playlist.

All files are MP3 and the playlist is m3u. I have tried a range of different things such as converting each file, trying a different media player, using the Clip+ profile, a default USB profile and so on. I have even tried syncing on 4 different computers with a fresh install of MediaMonkey.

I would be grateful for any help you can offer.

here is a FAQ with instructions for creating playlists on a clip sport 

ceitiinn wrote:


I have upgraded from a Clip+ to a Sport . . .


That is no upgrade.

Horses for courses!

The FAQ was pretty unhelpful!

For a start it is not accurate because the playlist does not need to be in the same directory as the files. I have playlists that work when in different branch from the root directory. 

I use M3U playlist files and I have used MediaMonkey, WMP, Winamp and Songbird all without success.

Maybe a more helpful piece of information would be if there is a maximum amount of files that can be in a directory, how deep the file structure can be or how many characters the file path can be.

I already know how to make a playlist as my original post stated because I have used a Clip+ for a year without any issues and an iRiver for 6 years before that.

Please don’t think I do not appreciate you trying to help me I just think pointing me to an FAQ which isn’t an FAQ does not help.

i agree, that windows media player faq is not helpful.     I was using Rhapsody for playlists, now I can seem to get Rhapsody to find any playlists, even the default out of the box gollist1-3.     I was looking at Media Monkey etc. but it if doesn’t work on the Sport that won’t do me any good.