What kind of USB cable is required?

I have a few used, possibly dead, Sansa slotRadio Players that came with a bunch of mostly non-working or semi-working Sansa devices I bought. They didn’t come with a cable, and I’m not quite sure what kind of cable I need if I’m going to try to use them. Is it, as it seems from what I’ve been able to learn, a standard microUSB connector and, if so, is it type A or B, or will both work?

Sorry. You are right it is micro USB. I thought it was mini USB.

I was fooled since the Slotradio charger is listed as being for the Clip or the Slotradio. Apparantly it just has a USB plug on it, and the cable that came with the player needs to be used. Since this charger was listed as being for the Clip or Slotradio player, and I know the Clip uses mini USB, I thought the Slotradio does as well.

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It’s definitely not a mini-B. I have plenty of A-to-mini-B cables. The mini-B plug is too big for the receptacle on the SlotRadio player.

I’m pretty sure by now it’s a micro-B, if it is a standard connector.

Added: I hope people who find this thread aren’t too confused by your (JK78’s) response preceding these remarks you were responding to.


Anyway, I’m wondering if any micro-USB cable will fit, or is it specifically only micro-B? I have a diagram I downloaded from somewhere that shows both ‘micro-AB’ and ‘micro-B’, and they are of somewhat different shape, if not size. The one they call ‘micro-B’ is tapered at the ends, as the receptacle on the SlotRadio player appears to be. If I don’t find one soon in a local store, I’ll order one that seems right from Hong Kong via eBay. Since they cost $1 shipped, I can’t lose much!

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