What is the best program to test the read/write speed of a MicroSD?

I need to test a bunch of microsd cards for their read/write speed. As part of my small business, I sell microsd cards. I H2TestW every card with the following process, to speed it up:  I take all of the same size cards (e.g. all 16GB) and group them together. I take a single card, do a full write/verify test using H2TestW. When it checks out (takes about 45 minutes for a single 16GB card), I stick it in my large microsd card duplicator and do an exact source copy (using the same original source card every time) onto all of the other cards. When finished, I take all of the copied cards and connect 5 of them at once (via usb readers) to the computer and I run H2TestW to verify that they held all of the 15GB or so written onto them from the original verified source card. This helps me test them in mass without taking a crazy amount of time letting H2TestW do the writing. I take screenshots of the results for all of my online sale listings, as proof that the cards are real.

My issue is speed testing, after that. I want to speed test and take screenshots of that and combine all of it together into a photo for each group of cards, also to be seen by buyers. I have Flash Memory Toolkit 2.01 Professional. I have Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.2 X64. I also have H2TestW. The fakes are weeded out. The issue is speed. I can run H2TestW on the same single card and it will give something like 15.1mb/s read speed and about 6mb/s write speed. I can turn around and do a test on Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.2X64  for a 4000MB file read/write file test and it says 16mb/s read speed and 10mb/s write speed. Flash Memory Toolkit will say around 15mb/s read speed and around 10mb/s write speed. What program can be trusted the most for speed? It seems that each program varies in it’s speed. Is there a more accurate program for this sort of thing? I’m looking for a single program to use, and this is giving me quite the headache trying to figure out the best one to get the proper read/write speed test. H2TestW seems to have a limit in it’s speed testing abilities.

All seems a bit unnecessary and wasteful if you’d just simply buy genuine memory cards from manufacturer-authorized distributors and resellers in the 1st place.


True, but most online sellers have a hard time buying from manufacturer-authorized distributors because they want you to purchase like 10,000 at once and have a minimum purchase amount. The big companies can do that, but the sole proprietors and small businesses have trouble doing that.