Question about 8 GB Pro Duo

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I bought a new Sandisk 8GB Pro Duo and I have some concerns about it. I looked for answers online and couldnt find what I was looking for so I came here.

I am concerned about the Write/Read speeds on this card. 

I was reading a previous post and someone mentioned a useful program to get info about memory sticks, h2testw, and I tried this with both my new card and my older card. The results concern me.

1GB  Sandisk Pro Duo (4-5 years old)

949 MB Usable

Write 3.42MB/s

Read 4.99MB/s

8GB Sandisk Pro Duo (My new card)

7630 MB usable

Write 1.96MB/s

Read 3.22MB/s

Neither card had errors during the test.

I am concerned about the huge difference in speeds between my much older card and this new one. I know as technology progresses memory gets faster and more expansive so I am worried about the speeds on my new card. Its obviously much slower than my older card.

Are these speeds common on this model of Pro Duo I have or do I have a bad card?