What is a safe way to re-connect the headphone jack's pins

Hello, recently my headphone jack has gotten loose and plays through one ear if it’s tilted a certain way, which is almost always is.  (It’s a refurbished model by the way, and I had it for a year and a half with many drops with a cheap silicone case.)

I opened it up and found that two plates that holds the headphone jack are loose.  They’re the ones toward the middle of the board and are perpindicular to each other.

Sansa Fuze+ Board

As enclosed in the picture, I circled the two plates that are loose in red.  

So, I was wondering was is a safe way to connect them back together?  I have no soldering experience, so could some kind of glue work, but I want to know what is safe for the board as well.  Thanks in advance. 

No photo visible.

@tapeworm wrote:

No photo visible.

Weird, it is for me.  

Here’s the link for it anyway.  http://s16.postimg.org/9y16tn1w4/1151.jpg

There is such a thing as conductive glue. Maybe a drop or two would anchor them?