Does anyone have a Schematic?

I dropped my  player and a couple of pads ripped off the headset connector. There are internal via’s uder the pad on the PCB that I would like to hard solder to, but I need to know where they go.

fyi - for the purpose of this posting, when I say “top” of the earjack, I’m referring to the end where the headphones connect to the jack.

I had the same issue with dropping my player.  When I opened it I found the lower 2 pads on the earjack were lifted from the board.   I desoldered the one remaining pad to remove the earjack.   On the board, I saw that the lower right pad had a trace running to the resistor just above it.   And the pad in the middle of the left side was connected to a trace running under the earjack.  Fortunately there was a circular point in the middle of this trace that I was able to scrape and uncover to which I soldered a new wire to connect to the middle pad.   After soldering the new wire I made a notch on the bottom of the earjack to make if fit over the wire witch I ran out the right side (shorter distance under the jack).   I then glued the earjack back to the board with a 2-part epoxy to make it more secure.  I then soldered another wire to bridge the lower right leg to the resistor just above it, and soldered the new wire to the leg on the left side of the earjack.   Finally I soldered the top leg of the earjack to it’s good pad.

Once I put it back together, it all worked fine.


Thanks, I will give it a shot. The via’s rather small.