What Does This Mean...Please Free 90MB

On my Sansa Fuse it keeps telling me to free 90MB and I dont have anything on it…does anyone have a solution?


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Okay tapeworm or whatever your name is im not askin for you to keep telling me the same thing I need answers…

Did you try actually doing the things Tapeworm suggested in the other thread? (not the least of which is posting Fuze questions on the Fuze board)

The FAQ in his first suggestion should solve your problem.

Excuse me, but ‘the same thing’ IS your answer.

Yes, I could have copied & pasted the information contained in the FAQ concerning the running of ChkDsk and why you are getting this error msg. here, but by providing you a link pointing you in the right direction, I not only answered your question, but also showed you where the answer was so you can learn to find things on this forum yourself.

It’s not that we don’t want to help; far from it. But as this is not a live chat room, sometimes pleas for help go un-answered for some time. You, and I’m sure others would just as soon find the answer to your problem as quickly as possible, so if you know there’s a FAQ with the most common problems and the reasons/fixes for them, it’s better to find it & solve your problem in as little time as possible, rather than waiting for someone to come along and reply to your post. Wouldn’t you agree?

Besides, we’ve got to leave a little of the fun of finding the answer and fixing it for you, don’t we? :wink:

It would also help your case to put your issues in the right thread. This is The ANNOUNCEMENTS board. What you have is not an announcement it is an issue. So If you have a Fuze Copy and paste you Problem and Put it here. And before you do that read the FAQ, you are about the 1,000 th person to have that problem since I came on the Message boards. There should be no need to Re post if you did a search of the site.