fuze 8gb

screen says not enough space for music db please free 90 gb can not get it to do anything please help


Please free 90GB:smileyvery-happy: Didn’t you mean 90MB:wink:

PLease note that the “highlight” pointer is set a few posts down the above thread.  “please free 90MB” refers to a corrupted database.  You can try chkdsk from a command prompt, in hopes of repairing the file, or a format will work every time.

I have found that if you perform a device format from Windows, it doesn’t optimize the memory as well as the Fuze’s internal Format command can.  If you format using Windows, it likes to try 4KB allocations, where the Fuze likes 32KB.

After formatting, let the Fuze works its memory magic by selecting Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

you our correct   sorry