What about Win 8 support?????????

Windows 8 due in just a few days. Is Readycache ssd supported? I have two on hold waiting for the answer.

currently win 7 is the only supported OS for the expresscache software. Win 8 will be supported but there is no official release date. 

Do so at your own risk.  I’m currently using windows 8 with an ocz synapse cache drive.  Unfortunately also the dataplex chaching software does not officialy support windows 8 yet and doesn’t work if you install it.  However turning on run this program in win 7 compatability mode and suddenly the software works fine.  Haven’t had any problems.  This solution may or may not work with expresscache, and should you try this you do so at your own risk as you may corrupt your system etc… etc…  Hopefully, Win 8 support for our caching software comes our sooner rather then later.

Yeah I went ahead and bit the bullet figured hell at 47$ if it doesn’t work I’ll wait a while longer.

Ran the Expresscache software as admin in compatibility mode for win 7. 

Running great. No problems. 

Sandisk, step it up guys. **bleep** shame you cant keep your software updated. 

According to chat support, if you install it fresh in win8 it works.  I just reinstalled it and all is working.