Votes for a Black / Dark gray Fuze color theme on next firmware update?

Some slick dark color themes would do this player well. Perhaps we can petition it?

Just got my Fuze 4GB yesterday and am loving it! :smileyvery-happy:

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I think thats a great idea! The more colors the better.  

Light colored text on a dark background?  I’d vote yes.

Why not allow users the option to use their own photos?  Or perhaps give us a template so that we can make our own background images?

Yes…for godsake let us use out photo’s as backgrounds. All the Creative players I’ve had has had this feature. This is something I want addressed over everything else.

Yeah i really want to add a photo to the background of my fuze, i have a creative zen that does it. I vote for the black slick Fuze thats in Europe, fingers crossed we will get it here.

Any more colors would be great.  All the included ones are either intensely boring or hideous.  Custom colors/backgrounds would be really nice.

I agree with the previous post entirely. Would be nice to have some more (or better) options. :smiley:

But please fix the known issues first (play previous) and add fast scrolling. It is so frustrating… Thank you

@memonste wrote:

But please fix the known issues first (play previous) and add fast scrolling. It is so frustrating… Thank you

Absolutley!  I think the navigation shortcomings are the most important issues right now.  Desperately need alphabet index, wrap around scrolling and accelerated scrolling.   Also need the large playlist fixes from the latest Clip firmware.

Black is beautiful.  The silver is fun, but the novelty doesn’t endure like a beautiful Klavierlack gloss black.

The scroll is upcoming, and will be most welcome.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I really wanted black, not silver, but I reminded myself that I was buying the thing to listen to, not look at…

My priorities are:

  1. Ability to use a background
  2. Top to botttom scrolling
  3. Scrolling gets faster asyou go
  4. Black/Silver themes!
    I really hope you add these, and thanks for a great player Sandisk! :wink:

Agreed, plus a silver theme would go great with the silverish 8gb fuze.

A small bump to this thread. Are there being any more colours added soon, could a dev answer?

I myself would like red and/or gray, would fit nicely with my black fuze :D.

Yes, any black/grey-toned theme will be much appreciated. It drives me nuts when the screens don’t match the product =P. I’m really not a blue fan, but I’ve been using it since it matches the LED of the wheel. Wallpaper also much appreciated. 

Yes, more background colors would be great.

And I mean colors. So a really warm tone, like orange or wine red would be cool instead of the brownish pale one. And a dark forest green.

And please recolour the progress/loudness bars and their background accordingly, as they all seem to be designed for the sky blue theme and don’t really fit as well with any other of the colour themes imho.


I use the green one, just to be different.  :slight_smile:

Well, of course you do . . . if you didn’t, then you’d just be Same_'Ol_Bob. :smileyvery-happy:

Yep, everyone would be calling me an S.O.B.  :smiley:

Hey, are the Bobs hanging around in here?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: