Volume + Blips

My Sansa Clip+ arrived this morning, but I’m already experiencing issues with it.

Initially the setting was placed on Europe, which I then changed to ‘Rest of the world’, due to the low volume restrictions. Now, whenever the volume is set too high, the songs seem to have little blips throughout the entire track. Almost how a scratched audio CD would sound.

Could someone please shed some light on the matter?

Does this happen if you lower the volume 1 or 2 notches below max? Some distortion should be expected with many devices when at maximum volume, but if it happens at any other level its probably a hardware problem.


Yes it does, usually within several notches down. At this point the music volume is quite high, although not quite sufficient enough for me.

Could be ‘clipping’. I’d try seeing what the recorded level is and maybe lower it to see it that helps with MP3Gain. Assuming of course that the files are .mp3 format.

Maybe if you tell us a bit about the files (format, source, bit-rate, etc.), someone will have a better suggestion.

The songs are at 256+ kbps bitrate. Format is MP3.

Constant or variable bit-rate?

Ripped from CD’s?

With what program?


From where?

Did you dowload MpP3Gain as suggested and what is the db level?

Variable bitrate.

The majority of music is downloaded from various torrent sites. There is also the music that was initially displayed on the Sansa Clip+, when purchased.

I did download MP3Gain, and it seems to have helped. The db level at 89 seems sufficient enough, with tracks previously being at 96.

Although now another issue seems to have arose; If I insert the headphone jack all the way in, the blips/clipping resurfaces, and there is sound only through one earphone. However, if I insert the jack partially, I have no issues whatsoever. The volume is still slightly lower than I’d want, although considerably higher than before.

Is this a brand new player? The headphone jack is sometimes extremely tight; you have to twist and push harder than you’d think to get it seated all the way. Sounds like yours, even though you say it’s all the way in, isn’t.

That could be the intial problem; it may not have been clipping. 96db is a little high though and personally I find MP3Gain’s default setting of 89db a bit on the low side. I compromise and have mine set at 92db. Yes, there are still some songs where clipping is present (identified by the program in red) but the majority is fine.

Thank you! You’re correct, I didn’t insert the jack fully in. It’s working prefectly now. :slight_smile:

Yes it is a new player, only purchased a few days ago.