virus on a 16 gb extreme

I have an extreme 16 gb sdhc card (30mb/s’) and after inserting it in a pc in an internet cafe in Vietnam, it picked up a virus.  18 months ago, I picked up a virus in Tunisia with another memory card, and sorted it out myself (the virus caused the files to be hidden, so I just went in to tthe folder menu and un-hid them).  That was easy to figure out.

However, this latest virus is not that easy to sort out.  I’ve looked at various forums and youtube, but I’m not 100% confident of sorting out the problem.

Ideally, I’d like to find a solution that’s ■■■■■-proof, and as someone with average commonsense, I should be able to follow detailed instructions.

As I travel a lot, I’d like to educate myself on these sort of problems, just in case it happens again.  So, is there something out there that I can use to fix the problem, plus it’ll help me in the future, should another problem arise.

Also, is there a product out there that I can insert the memory card into, then plug that whatever-it-is into the pc/laptop, and if there is a virus, then the whatever-it-is will stop it from reaching the memory card.

Many thanks.

  1. Don’t use copy anything or download anything from computers in internet cafes in foreign countries, and
  2. Use good anti-virus software.