extreme class 10-30mb/s'-16gb-sdhc virus?


I think I picked up a virus on my memory card at an internet cafe.  I don’t normally use internet cafes, but I was trying to help a local out, and I guess it backfired on me.

Anyway, I’m reasonably sure some sort of virus, but I guess I might be wrong.

Here are some facts:

1)  when the card is in my camera, it tells me that there are 5 pictures remaining that can be taken.  That seems right, as when the problem occured, there were 5 pictures left to be taken on that memory card.

2)  however, when I put the card in my laptop, or a secure pc here in the office, then none of the photos/videos are displayed.

3)  I’ve opened up the folder, and I’ve checked the box that says to display hidden files.

4)  I downloaded cardregister.com.  That displayed the photos on my card, but not the videos.  If I pay $39.00 or whatever it is, then I can save the photos to my pc, but not the videos.  I just want to remove the virus, as I can save the files myself.

Is it OK for me to run a scan on my memory card?  There are photos and videos on it, and I don’t want to accidentally erase them.  I don’t want to accidentally put a virus on this pc either.  My Mother will kill me !!!

Any other advice is deeply appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,


Yes its OK to scan the card ! First use an up to date anti-virus scanner to check for viruses …this wont affect the pictures on the card if the virus is not in your pictures.

You can also check the card is not corrupted by inserting it into  your computer and right clicking it and then clicking “properties” then click on the “tools” tab and click on the error correction button to test if the card is OK.