Videos in Video Mode is EMPTY

Why is my video not recognized even its already loaded it says in video mode EMPTY


Did you use the Media Converter to load the video? If you just dragged a video into the video folder of the Fuze, it may not have the correct tags for it to appear in the menu. If you have the latest firmware update you can navigate the Fuze’s folders and might be able to find it that way, but you still may not be able to play it if the format is incompatible. Using the Media Converter or Rhapsody to load the video on to the Fuze should solve your problem.

Wouldn’t hurt if you gave us more to go on . . . like the format & source of the video, how you converted it, things like that.

There are so many video formats & codecs out there, that it’s impossible to guess which one might be causing your trouble. ALL videos have to be put through the Sansa Media Converter for final conversion and transfer to your player, but 95% of the time, you must first use anouther conversion program to ‘prep’ it for the SMC.

I know it doesn’t tell you that anywhere, but that’s the reality of it.

Give us some more details and hopefully we can help you. :wink:

(You might also try searching and/or reading what others have found to work in the Sansa Media Converter board)