Video sort options

I like the fact videos from all folders are dispayed flat under the Videos tab. Is there a way to sort the videos by filename under this tab? The display order seems to be random, and is probably a function of the file date.

I see there is a sort option under the Files tab, but it does not seem to apply when switching to the Videos tab.

Thank you.

There is no way to change the sort under the videos view. IIRC it is sorted by date added. 

Thanks. Hopefully Sandisk will add these feature to a future app release.

Yes, sort options would be a GREAT addition!  

Another example:  I have photo albums on an SD card.  A very natural way to view a photo album would be oldest-to-newest.  But SanDisk only shows photos newest-to-oldest (perhaps because this is a good way to view photos you just took on your camera?).  It sure would be nice to switch the sort order (like just about any other viewing app ever).