SDcard by "Folder" > Stop sorting files by ID tags!


I’m a new user of the Sandisk Clip Sport.

For now, it has only one main default: it sort files by tags even when we browse our sd cards by “Folder”.

Hey guys… I use the “Folder” view instead of “Card” exactly because my ID tags are not set correctly… please show my files the way Windows show them to me, sorted by Folder and by filenames, that’s it!

It really has to be corrected in the next firmware, it’s a very basic wanted behaviour.



… to finally discover the players show my FLAC in my folders using the order they’ve been copied on the sd card.

Wooo… you smoke really good stock at SanDisk!!!

I hope you’ll fix that very soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at “FAT Sorter” software for Windows at this web-link.

I have not been able to find a comparable software for MAC computers.

Thanks, but that’s a workaround.

My prehistoric Zen Creative player read my SD cards with no problem and show me folders and files like windows show them to me.

If SanDisk tell me that they can’t fix that in the next firmware… well… :wink: