very poor write performance...

I try some becnhmark programs and it seems there is a problem with the write performance. (I try because I feel a significant slowdown with my system.)

Trim is enabled and other software/os tweaks are already done. (actually no changes in my system from the day I start using this ssd)

My model is “SDSSDP-128G”

my example benchmark test is as follows: (dont laugh! :slight_smile: )

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Ali Cem


that is really bad write speed. what do the SMART attributes show? any failures? you could also try secure erasing the drive and reinstalling. The SSD dashboard has SMART and secure erase tool. 

SMART values are perfect… I will erase and then reinstall as you suggest. 

But what if the performance do not change? Do you thing it will be covered within warranty?

I will post the results.


Ali Cem

Yes it should be covered by the warranty. 

Hi Cemoncel, any updates how the performance went after a resintall?