Various issues


I bought my Sansa Express 1gb in a Staples here in portugal for 15 euros. Having a spare microSd card around it just seemed a good deal: lightweight, small, cheap, expandable Mp3 player and FM receiver I could use jogging, travelling, listen to podcasts, etc.

(In fact I also bought a cigarete lighter charged FM transmitter that charges the Express while it transmits my favorite songs to the car radio - quite cheap, at Fnac

Well it turned out the Express was not such a good deal, because I don’t feel I can really trust it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t. And it is quite frustrating not knowing the reasons why (I could make the effort to learn it, though).

  • It plays the songs in reverse order.
  • The song titles show funny letters.
  • sometimes I plug it on my PC (XP) and it freezes.
  • Other times when I plug it to the Fm transmiter it keeps on “building database” and I have to reset it.
  • the other day I tried to charge it using an AC USB charger and it just stopped working. It only showed a yellow pixel on the screen. Wouldn’t reboot nor soft-reset.

The next day it must have used all battery, because the yellow dot had disapeared. Then it just turned on again, normally, when I pressed the power button.

Go figure!

BTW, I could update when it first freezed, only days after I got ti. It has the firmware version 01.01.12F2