User Interface and Options Suck!!

I just bought my mp3 player yesterday.  I had an older sandisk with a wheel and really liked it.  I use the player for podcasts.  This new player does not have the ability to fast forward through a podcast or rewind.  Also the next one starts as soon as the previous one is deleted.  I don’t always want that.  I want to be able to start, stop, rewind, fast forward, and pause at my convenience–like your old player.  Maybe these features are available somehow, I have not read the entire users manual yet, and it sucks because it does not have an index.

I like your products and want to buy more in the future, but they need to be more user-friendly than what I have now.


The controls are  basically under the wheel now. Hold down  the wheel at 3 o’clock to fast forward or 9 o’clock to rewind.

12 o’clock is pause.

And yes, read the manual.

Thank you for the response and solutiion.  I tried that yesterday, and it didn’t work,  but now it works since you said it does.  You must be magic.

And what I said about the manual still goes–it needs an index.

Thanks again…dave