Fast-forwarding and rewinding using the wheel


I have just unpacked my Sansa Fuze 8Gb and my first impressions are great. I also like the interface - in terms of usability (it could look better though, but I don’t really care about that much), it’s very intuitive. However, there is some room for improvement. I have read the topics about improving the wheel operation and I hope you will implement the “Rotation Speed” option. This will make it ALMOST perfect :slight_smile: There is however one more thing which I haven’t seen mentioned in other threads:

Fast-forwarding and rewinding with the wheel.

This would be a major advantage. The present solution of holding the <</>> buttons makes it a chore, frankly. Especially if we take longer tracks. Imagine holding the >> button to skip to your favorite part of Keith Jarrett’s Paris Concert, where one track lasts for about 40 minutes :).

It would be great to toggle the skipping option of the wheel - for instance using the middle button. 

What do you think about this? Can we hope to see this feature in future firmware updates?


try pressing the >> button a little longer, it gets faster the longer you hold it, so you are at minute 40 in a matter of seconds.

imagine how long that would take with the wheel.

not if wheel-rewinding had acceleration, similar to the feature we all wish to have in the playlist. 

besides, its not jus the matter of speed itself. its simply much more convenient to use the wheel. if we can scroll and change volume, why wouldnt we rewind with it? 

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Becuase while playing music,  the wheel is used to control volume.  Scan thru song using the wheel was done on e200.  It involved several clicks to invoke it.

As mentioned the press and hold of FF and REW accelerates progressively already. By the time you got the Scan thru song activated,  you could have already completed the FF operation just holding the FF down.

But iwith wheel acceleration it would be MUCH faster!

A good example of what I mean is the way it works in the iPod - in fact they have it done perfectly. Its way faster than kind of rewinding. Besides, I guess pushing the middle button 3 or 4 times and rewinding almost instantly is quicker anyway :wink:

Exactly, while playing music, the wheel is used to control volume. And while playing is suspended (i.e. in pause mode), the wheel should allow fast seeking inside the track (vs. slow, controlled seeking with the <</>> buttons while playing). I was going to suggest this weeks ago, I just forgot about it. Using the wheel for seeking while in pause mode is actually so intuitive, I was really surprised when I found it wasn’t implemented. :slight_smile:

Besides, being able to manipulate the volume level in pause mode is prone to cause nasty accidents involving excessive volume settings …

I like this suggestion.  It can be added to the list,  which is getting long so dont get your hopes up.

This was implemented sort of on e200 (scan thru song feature). 

 Our priority now is on bug fixing . May get some minor enhancements in the next release.

On the e200, the Scan Through Song feature is excellent for podcasts.  The only problem with it is the end delay, currently at about two seconds, after which the scroll wheel returns to Volume duties.

In practical use, the delay should be much longer, allowing the listener to orient himself with the dialog.  I’d prefer to see it 5 seconds at the minimum, and even as long as 10.  The feature would be a welcome addition to the Fuze, as the scroll wheel works very well.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

And while playing is suspended (i.e. in pause mode), the wheel should allow fast seeking inside the track

Great idea!!

@riven wrote:

And while playing is suspended (i.e. in pause mode), the wheel should allow fast seeking inside the track


Great idea!!

I am going to buy this incredible player and i thought about this (use the scroll wheel to seek) since the first day i saw the Fuze (three days ago…).

Any news about this feature? Will it be included in future firmwares?

Any one who’s used the e200 with the Scan Through Song feature will tell you how nice this function is.  The only problem with it is the end delay, which should be 8-10 seconds, especially in audiobook/podcast scanning.

It’s an awesome feature.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The Trekstor Vibez also had this feature. Miss it.