USB SanDisk 4 Gb dead yesterday

Hi everybody…

Here the bad news, yesterday my Sandisk 4Gb Flashdrive didn’t worked anymore, it was connected to the PC in a USB 2.0 slot and suddenly the light shut down and the computer didn’t recognize it anymore… somebody told me it could be a problem in the connectors but I don’t really know what it is…

If anybody could help me I will apreciate very much, thank anyway…

Juan Carlos


Many possibilities.  The USB connector wires on the USB stick, the USB connector wires in the pc’s USB port, the pc’s power supply, the pc’s OS, the pc’s AV sw, a power surge.  For starters try the USB stick in a different pc and see if it works there.

I am also haveing the same problem as Juan Carlos.  But mine has funny characters on the foldername.  I tried to open at few other PCs but to no avail.  Now my thumdrive is not visible anymore and even if s/time it is visible it shows the used space as zero.  Pls assist

Hi Ed I tried to use it on many different PCs and the result is the same… the Flash doesn’t work. I think it could be some kind of connector problem inside the Flash … thanx anyway

Now I can’t even see the USB drive anymore whenever it is inserted to another PC. Can anybody assist?

Time to call Tech Support for warranty