Do these even work?

What is wrong with Sandisk, seriously?  Allow me to explain.  I purchased two Sandisk from Best Buy, the 16gb “Cruiser Glide” came DOA and the Ultra USB 3.0 32GB worked for 30 seconds tops.  I take them back to Best Buy and exchange them for new ones.  I came home and both worked on my computer, which has Windows 8.1 and it’s a very top of the line computer.  A light even came on to let me know they were working. I only kept them in long enough to load the software onto the computer and make sure they worked.

Today, I put in the Sandisk and there’s no light, it doesn’t show up.  I tried both and the 16gb one, actually burned my finger when I tried to remove it.  I could see the melted plastic dented in.  I’m not happy with the burn or the melted plastic.  The 32gb doesn’t register either.  There cannot be something wrong with my USB ports because I have an old, cheap, thumb drive that works just fine. I am testing these on two different computers.  The other is older with Windows 7.  Is this normal?  The people at Best Buy says it’s not so why am I having so many problems with these drives?

I tried compressed air, not like they had the chance to get dirty in the first place.  I can’t believe the drive actually is melting, it’s sad, I thought Sandisk was a reliable product.  What is wrong with these?  Why can a cheap drive show up just fine and these just give me problems, and burns, problems and burns?  Love it.

If this happened once and to only one USB drive I could agree that the drive might be faulty.  But multiple drives!!  You have a problem with your pc.  Either somewhere there is a short or your have a bad power supply.  USB sticks do NOT get hot.  Until you get the pc serviced somewhere I do not recommend you using ANY USB sticks.  The risk of fire is too great. 

I think you may just have a defective thumb drive. I hope that this is still under warranty but I think there might be a good chance that it can be replaced.