USB Flash Drive for Smartphones

Dear Sandisk, I was thinking whether Sandisk has any plans to come out with a USB drives from smartphones. As an Android phone and Tablet user (I owns a Xperia Tablet Z), I will always need to save my files elsewhere as my backup or even transfer my documents (word and excel files) to a storage device. Currently, I am using cloud storage and as you know, cloud storage cannot work without internet connection. Memory cards? yes but too troublesome to remove it and transfer to my PC or to PCs which do not have any card reader. I do not want to bring my USB wire with me always. I will like to save my files to an external flash drive and move them to my PC or even to my friends’ PC. I know currently we can do that by using a Micro USB OTG cable/adapter + USB drives or even the wireless drive. But I do find the current micro USB OTG is really ugly (either an adapter or with wire). No aesthetic at all! And Wireless Drive is too pricey for a lot of people, power source or battery is needed to function the wireless drive and I need to sacrifice the internet connection to use the wireless drive. Therefore, why don’t Sandisk come out with a USB flash with a removable micro USB pin cover? I mean as a single product, not separate items. I can just plug into my smartphone or tablet to have my files transferred to the drive. Later if I want the files to be transfer to my PC, I just need to remove the cover and voila, I will have a normal USB drive! Plug and play, no external or internal power source needed. I will be glad to buy it if Sandisk has this product. Well, this is just my idea. Hope you don’t mind. Best Regards, Shan

Micro memory cards with card readers are small, inexpensive and more reliable than flash drives.

Why re-invent the wheel?