can it read/write files from/to an external usb hard disk???

Before buying this media drive, I want to know something important.

I do not only need this device for playing movies, but to make backups of photos and videos of different devices as well. 

I do not want to keep them in this media drive because I already have an USB external hard disk with 500gb capacity and it’s powered by an AC adapter (it’s an Iomega multimedia hard drive). I have all my files (including photos/videos) backed up there for years.

So I need to send photos “wirelessly” from a couple of android phones/tablets to that USB external hard disk, therefore I need a wireless device to act as a “bridge” between cells/tablets and that USB hard disk.

So my question is: if connecting the Sandisk wireless media drive to that external hard disk by USB cable, can it read/write photo/video files from/to that external hard disk? Will this device be useful for that matter?

Thanks in advance.



No, this device will not work the way you want – it will not play “host” to a connected hard drive.  Instead, it is the hard drive that you can connect to a computer.  What you want is something like a wireless hub.  As an example, look for RAVPower FileHub.