USB drive formatted by MBP, how to recover the files

I connected the USB drive to my Macbook Pro and all of sudden the drive was formatted as the system says there are virus on the disk. Now, all files were gone and I need them back. Possible to recover the files under this circumstances?

as long as the drive was not low level formatted data may be recoverable. you will need a data recovery application. there are plenty of free ones online you can try. I have used recuva before with some good success. 

Several more FREE recovery apps are mentioned here:

Good luck.

@ed_p wrote:

Several more FREE recovery apps are mentioned here:


Good luck.

Thanks. do you know which one is the best?

The best is the one that works for you.  Since they are free try all of them.  Let us know which one you like best.

Don’t forget to try recuva.  It’s free also I think.

It is possible to recover files from formatted USB drive. Choose a reliable and easy file recovery software to solve the problem. Refer to this website: Good Luck.

Actually , not all of the free tool be able to recover lost data , some of them are usless ,a great Android data recovery can easily help you recover the lost data on android phones. You can follow the steps below:

Hope your problem has been solved. If not, try RePicvid for free photo recovery. It also supports to recovering videos and audio files. Good Luck.

You should include this RePicvid link also Amy.  It shows how much the app costs to recover the video and audio files.  Also the cost to recover documents and spreadsheets and homework and papers and etc.    $35.00

Files loss will cause big trouble if the files was covered by other new files , you need to recover them back before these files are covered , as for how to recover lost files ,you can find some solution on Google , or try some free tool to recover lost files ,

Try some data recovery software, like Recuva mentioned above. If it fails to recover your files, I would personally recommend RePicvid. Good luck for you.

The free version seems pretty limited amyheimbach.  Do you recommend the $35 version or the $89 version?

Compare and Purchase RePicvid

Ed_P, it depends on your requirement. The only difference between $35 and $89 version is the license number for PC.

You need to  be really careful about the software you use. I used a free one and ended up crecovered but corrupt data. :frowning:
Finally had to purchase Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery which worked well for me since all my files were multimedia. Might work for you too.