USB-C Adapter recommendations for charging + data transfer to/from Sandisk Extreme SSD

Hi. I own a 2020 M1 Macbook Pro, and I’d like to use my laptop for video editing along with the EXTREME 1TB drive. Currently, what I do is that I connect my (wired) keyboard, mouse, and webcam to the first port via a USB-C adapter, and use the other port to connect my external monitor, which also doubles as a power supply.

Clearly I can just disconnect the display and then use the drive directly, but I don’t want to do that - Does anyone have any recommendations for USB-C adapters that will allow me to both charge my laptop and also perform data transfer? Ideally what would happen is that I can connect multiple USB-Cs to the adapter and allow it to charge + also allow the SSD to transfer files quickly - The existing one that I’m using won’t allow me to do that.

If you have an alternate solution, that would be amazing too!