usb boot win7 problem

Hello !

Got a problem. I can’t boot win7 from my usb (sandisk extreme usb 3.0 64GB). The laptop that i’m trying to install them doesn’t have a cd/dvd drive, but it has usb 2 and 3 ports. I used boot override in bios but the screen goes black and then immediately back to bios.

Thanks in advance !

Dang crystal ball is all foggy today.

"I can’t boot win7 from my usb "

How did Windows 7 get onto your USB??  What utility was used?  What utility was used to make the USB drive bootable?  Who created the USB to be bootable?

"I used boot override in bios"

What did the boot say before the override?  What does the override say now?

Try to use UnetBootin. That’s what I use on making a USB flash drive a bootable device.