Updates to iTunes (Mac/OS X) Playlist Script

For those of you who may have downloaded my script for exporting an iTunes playlist as an M3U file for the Sansa Clip, I have discovered some problems and fixed them. The revised script is now available at the previous download site.

Here are the revisions:

 Fixed error that occurred when the album or artist track information contained a colon.
 OSX does not allow colons in folder names, so if creation of folders is necessary based
 on the album or artist, the colon is now substituted with an underscore, which the Clip correlates.

 Added code to detect for playlist tracks that no longer exist at the local location where
 iTunes found them originally. If such a track does not already exist on the Clip, then a copy
 from the local drive is not possible and so the user is informed during the processing of the
 playlist that the track will not be included on the exported Clip playlist.

 Added code to be certain an overwrite is accomplished if the user chooses to Replace
 an existing exporting playlist.