2nd Revision: iTunes Playlist to Clip (Mac/OS X) script

For those of you who may have downloaded my script for exporting an iTunes playlist as an M3U file for the Sansa Clip, I have squashed another bug. The revised script is now available at the download site provided in my original post, i.e., here: http://sharefiles.quietlakephoto.com/scripts/itunes2clip_download.html

Here are the revisions:

  • Fixed folder naming error when file copying required. The error existed whenever a playlist track had only an album ID tag, or had neither album or artist ID tags. The script was written to account for these cases, but there was a bug in the formation of the path names for copying from local to Clip (when required).

  • Also modified the file copy command (duplicate) by adding “as alias” to provide a more robust statement.

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Hello all,

I have a Mac (OSX) and just bought a 4GB Sansa Clip a couple of days ago. I installed the M3U Script and can get the Playlists to show up in the Clip but the songs will not play. Any suggestions? Have I done something wrong?


loplop -

I am the author of the script in question and I developed it for the 2GB Clip. However, I’m willing to try to analyze the problem you are having with your 4GB.

My first guess is that there may be some important difference between the 2GB firmware and the firmware for the 4GB, a difference in particular that relates to the file managament.

First experiment I would like you to try (I would do this myself if I owned a 4GB Clip), is to simply do a Mac drag and drop copy of one of your iTunes artist folders to the MUSIC folder of the 4GB. Then test whether those songs will play.

That’s a first step to analyzing this problem.

It might be best to respond to me directly, rather than here in the Sansa forum. Then, once I/we come to some conclusion about this issue, I can post the final resolution.

You may contact me here:  gary@quietlakephoto.com Please feel free to ask any questions.