Unsupported file name error

Sometimes when putting videos onto my Sansa e270 using the supplied media conversion software I get a “unsupported file name” error. I change the name of the video clip removing () and ‘’ and then it seems to work. Now this doesn’t seem very odd on the surface except it doesn’t have a problem with these characters about half the time. I’m not really very sure it IS those characters. Does anyboby else have an idea about this?

I’m just responding to this to try to get a response.

when i was trying to convert some videos, if they have a long file name, it may cause a problem.

try something under 10 characters, and see if that fixes it

just rename the file to something like: clip1, clip2 etc… its a known problem in SMC.

I’m sorry, what is SMC?

sansa media converter, it came with your e200

@zarkol wrote:

I’m sorry, what is SMC?

Perhaps your settings are wrong? Try and update the firmware and format your player, these are the generic options, hopefully it should work out :slight_smile: