Error : un supported filename when i try to convert a file

hey, im trying to convert my video to my mp4, and when i do so via Sansa media converter, it says all the time “unsupported filename” , with every filename i use (avi,mp4 etc).

how do i fix it?

my machine is e260

i was trying to do the same with inverivdeo SMC, but when i convert it just stuck on 0% even if i leave it open for days…

Did you download the newest version of the sansa media converter? If not you can find it at and look under the support tab, there should be a downloads section under that. Select downloads and then from the drop down menu where you can select your mp3 player, select e200. You should see the SMC download as well as a user manual and such. Try (again if you haven’t done so already) to update to the latest SMC and make sure your mp3 player is in MTP mode when you use the sansa media converter. Otherwise it may have trouble syncing to the device.

what is MTP mode?