Unlock my pendrive

I hv sandisk 8gb cruzer blade D33724
Not working plz help

If you mean locked as in you can’t write to it this posting may help:


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can’t unlock mine either!!

This is so totally ridiculous! I have many other flash drives and will probably buy many more but I will NEVER NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER SAN DISK AGAIN!!!

I just read a bunch of posts trying to fix a locked drive saying “invalid parent path” and have been trying to access my very, very important files on a 128gb flash drive (wow- especially will warn people not to invest in another 128gb or larger drive when they are going to fail!! big money loss on top of time-waster!).

None of the things i’ve tried have worked.

SanDisk has NO BUSINESS SELLING A FEATURE ON A FLASH DRIVE THAT DOES NOT WORK!!!   I hope people read these posts before they ever consider buying one of their products again.