Unidirectional Synchronization of Apple iTunes with your Sansa MP3 Player : Apple Macintosh OSX

I use Apple iTunes 8.x to manage my music collection on my MacBook Pro running OSX Leopard 10.5 and have therefore created a small shell script that will allow me to easily perform a unidirectional synchronization of my iTunes media with 16Gb SanDisk Memory card insterted in my Sansa Fuze:


When I add new music to my iTunes library, I simply need to ensure that my Sansa Fuze is plugged in to my MacBook and then double-click the script (located on my Desktop) to synchronize. Likewise, if I remove several “stale” items from my iTunes library, double-clicking the script will also remove the “stale” items from my Sansa Fuze.

  1.   Your Sansa MP3 player’s available memory will need to be larger than your iTunes music library — excluding the “…/iTunes Music/Movies” directory. For example, my iTunes library is 7.5Gb in size and I am using the script to synchronize to the 16Gb Memory Card inserted in my Sansa Fuze.

  2.   After downloading and unZipping, the script will need to be edited using a stadard text editor and the “SANSA” variable appearing on line 7 will need to be changed to whatever your Sansa MP3 player mounts as on your Macintosh computer. For example, the 16Gb Memory Card insterted into my Sansa Fuze appears in the Macintosh Finder as “SANDISK16GB”, so I have edited line 7 in the script as follows:


  1.   ! ! !   U S E   A T   Y O U R   O W N   R I S K   ! ! !

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Synchronization script has been updated to allow for spaces in Volume mount name…